This trip will travel to Big Valley and make a stop at the Country Hideaway on the return journey. Includes full course buffet roast of Alberta beef and gravy meal with all the trimmings at the Hideaway, plus complementary wine or beer with meal, live entertainment on the train in coaches and in the Lone Star Saloon, at Big Valley there will be time to visit Jimmy Jock Boardwalk and All That Buzz, the Canadian Northern restored station, and the vintage automobiles, trucks and household artifacts at McAlister Motors community museum in Big Valley. At the Hideaway hayrides, nature walks, inside and/or outside dining, children’s barrel train, old-time carnival games, and rubber ducky races are all part of the excitement. Mine payroll on board increases danger of being hit by the Reynolds Raiders horse-mounted outlaw gang.


No children please! Just for those who want to ride the train without the bustle and excitement of 13 and under children.

This trip lasts three and one-half (3.5) hours, and travels to Alberta Prairie’s COUNTRY HIDEAWAY and its beautiful natural park setting.

Includes a full course buffet style chicken dinner at the Hideaway, hayrides, nature walks, inside and/or outside dining, a robbery by the Reynolds Raiders, on-site live entertainment, and old-time carnival games.

See the full Alberta Prairie Railway 2024 Excursion Schedule Here! Alberta Prairie Railway

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Jun 09 2024


12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

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